How do we increase confidence in trip planning and preparedness for people new or inexperienced in hiking and backpacking? With more people hitting the trails in the last ten years, enjoyment and education can play a large part in saving the trails and environment. Stiitch is a program that generates trails based on user needs and

allows them to customize personal maps shipped right to their door. Connected to a watch, these custom maps create a learning experience while on the trail. With mulitple layers of information, new hikers can feel safe about where they are without knowing how to read a map.

Always looking ahead.

Stiitch is composed of a three part system that include a website that guides hikers through trail finding, a physical map custom to their trip, and a watch that contains the map data with more helpful real-time information.

A step by step guided website allows hikers to customize and see important points and notes on a personalized trail generated from their experiences and needs.

A GPS watch syncs to the data on your map for easier access and to help with real-time feedback about important points like water sources and trail conditions.

Easy to hold map booklets make navigation less cumbersome. Each map is personalized for the date and contains multiple ways to understand the surroundings to increase map comprehension.