Porta potties suck, but Honey Buckets don't. In a saturated portable potty market, how can you flush out the competition? Be(e) funny, because it's an awkward business and we're all friends here. Honey Bucket has a storied history in the business and has grown a great relationship with its users through their voice and humor. I wanted to push it even further while offering

a new idea. People are wanting more customizable experiences to help push their brand. Custom wrapped porta potties capitalize on the growing trend to beautify events and spaces and at a lower cost compared to trailers. Clients can pick from a selected range of insertable door wraps that can be removed and swapped out when clients change.

You do a lot of thinking when you're on the pot, so why not prompt some thoughts with some potty art? Retro type and witty messaging easily pushes the brand inside and vitalizes an often wasted, graffitied space.

A brand book presents the new identity and guidelines for the system.