How can large amounts of data be stretched or compressed to make it both interative and conclusive at first glance? These posters, done for school projects and the Etihad Cultural Center, look for solutions.


"Shopping Efficiency" received the Gold Award in the Graphis New Talent 2019 Competition.

The poster "Where are Minorities Going at Oregon State University?" was presented at Portland Design Week as part of OSU's 150th year celebration.

Many countries are represented at OSU, but the amount of students from each is drastic comparatively. Data needed to be stretched in such a way that students could see their place and interact with the poster.

15 years of minority group Fall enrollment trends at OSU needed to be understood at a glance. 2,880 points used in four distinct data layers interact with each other to create unique and artistic data points.

In Shopping Efficiency, I explored how distance related to energy burned to find the most efficient way to shop. There are an almost infinte amount of paths to shop, but one gets the ice cream back home before it melts. In Firearm Legislation, there needed to be an immediate understanding of how one variable drastically reduces the impact of another. Simple visual conclusions help with the understanding of a complex, emotional problem.